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Beautiful Memories of "Seek the Mussel" in Montpellier

Written by Profile: duesseldorf (1 week ago)

A small group of 7 BeWelcomers from different French cities gathered at the last weekend of September in Montpellier/Southern France to celebrate the mussels. "Seek the Mussel" was one of the last good things before the second Corona lockdown hit Europe: canoeing, eating mussels  and looking for them during long walks. "The program was a bit improvised due to the pandemic situation - but it was worth it", say the organizers ffred and Iris_will_never_surrender. "We've really spent good times…

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Website release with a bunch of improvments and fixed bugs

Written by Profile: shevek (2 months ago)

Dear BeWelcome members,

since June 2020 we haven't updated our website with the recent improvements and hunted bugs.

Please bear with us as the following list sounds quite technical but these are the changes:

  • Easier location search and better results, even for regions and entire countries
  • Introduction of new search options like „has profile picture“
  • Arriving straight on your own groups instead of the complete list of all groups
  • Progressive Web App to enjoy BeWelcome on your home screen
  • Filter online…

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"Seek the Mussel" in Montpellier September 25-27, 2020

Written by Profile: duesseldorf (2 months ago)

Montpellier (Southern France) invites you to "Seek the Mussel"! Join in for a weekend full of fun and meeting other BeWelcomers - from friday September 25th to Sunday 27th, 2020.

ffred and Iris_will_never_surrender have done a great job to get together such a variety of activities:
From "BeerWelcome" to kayaking, hiking, music, a bit of sightseeing inbetween - and picnics on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea where you have plenty of chances to find your Mussle :)

Join the activity here:

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Video channel looking for your videos

Written by Profile: duesseldorf (2 months ago)

BeWelcome has always had a video channel - which has now been reactivated. Have a look:

Do you like to make short videos? 
We would be more than happy to share them!

You are not into video making? Stills are also wonderful! Take a picture and have it put on our Facebook page :)

The BeWelcome Media Team offers to publish videos and pictures on our official channels.
If you want to add your pic or video please get in touch with me (duesseldorf) or subaculture.

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Social Contact, Activities and Events: A short story from the Czech Republic

Written by Profile: subaculture (3 months ago) last updated by Profile: subaculture (3 months ago)

Because of COVID-19, its hard to think about travel and meeting travelers or locals at the moment. There is a time you will. Hospitality exchange will continue to be a beacon of hope and trust in futures unknown, and in the possibility of a better, more equitable world after the pandemic.

A story from from Barbora, Czech Republic 

"So about a month after CS has set the paywall and blocked the access to my account, I have opened a new account on BeWelcome and already hosted two events in my city to…

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Virtual BeWelcome Café - meet other members online

Written by Profile: duesseldorf (5 months ago) last updated by Profile: duesseldorf (5 months ago)

Members from Brazil and the US are the first ones hosting the BeWelcome Café!
As it is still not possible to meet up in real life get the feeling of being a real community online.

Check here for days and times:


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Donation goal reached

Written by Profile: thorgal67 (5 months ago)

It is my pleasure to announce that two weeks ago we reached our yearly donation goal of 1,300 euro, and have been receiving further donations since then. Our current total stands at approximately 2,650 euro.

I would like to thank everybody who donated money, time, resources and ideas. Because of the support of our volunteers and members, we are ready to overcome the difficulties in these strange times, and keep on growing

BV Treasurer

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Be communicative - New communication room - not only for new members

Written by Profile: duesseldorf (5 months ago) last updated by Profile: duesseldorf (5 months ago)

Who would have thought that BeWelcome would have a huge influx of new members, especially during a time of global worry and sacrifice? 
Thousands of new members joined BeWelcome after the 15th of May, and to all of you we say Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Zdravstvuyte, Nǐn hǎo, Salve, Konnichiwa ..!

For many of you, it may be a difficult choice to move to a new hospitality exchange community. The debatable decision of the biggest platform in hospitality exchange - to add fees for many of its members - is…

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Be maintained

Written by Profile: shevek (6 months ago) last updated by Profile: shevek (6 months ago)

Hi all,

The server was updated and can be used as usual now.

There are a few things worth noting:

  • You can download your data from your profile; please be aware that the result is not machine readable,
  • It is now possible to search for members based on their username,
  • Uploading images to the gallery should be easier now, with the new upload page allowing to upload several images at once,
  • All mail messages you receive from BeWelcome now use the same template engine and should look alike,
  • Several…

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Welcome to CS refugees - Server downtime on Saturday

Written by Profile: wind (6 months ago)

BeWelcome extends a warm welcome to all those from Couchsurfing who have either recently joined, or have re-activated their profile here. Covid is severely restricting travel and hospitality exchange at the moment, but we hope that you will have many successful hospex experiences through this site, once travel safely resumes.

Many aspects of BW are similar to CS. We call references 'comments', but their purpose is the same, and it is just as important to complete your profile. Other things may…

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