Frequently asked questions

BeWelcome organisation in general

How is BeWelcome organised?

BeWelcome is a project completely run by volunteers. The legal structure behind BeWelcome is BeVolunteer, a French non-profit organisation.

Note that being a member of BeVolunteer is not required to volunteer for BeWelcome. Long-term volunteers of BeWelcome are invited to apply for a BeVolunteer membership though.

How is this project financed?

The project financially relies on donations only.

Everything is based on volunteer work. Thanks to that we have very few expenses, such as server rent, domains, administrative fees, and security certificates. Unfortunately, those need to be paid. Our volunteers (including the members of the Board of Directors) always pay their expenses themselves, so no donation money is used for accommodation or travel costs for volunteer meetings or conferences.

If you have some good ideas about financing the project, you are welcome to post them in the forum or contact us directly.

We believe in transparency. Our accounts are published once a year to be checked/agreed on by the General Assembly of BeVolunteer. During the year, the Board of Directors – and the treasurer as the responsible delegate – take care of financial matters and are also your contact persons for related questions. More information about BeVolunteer finances and accounts are available on the BeVolunteer website.

How can I help BeWelcome?

Being an active member is the first way to keep BeWelcome running.

Then, to help further, you have two possibilities:

Do I need to become a member of BeVolunteer in order to volunteer for BeWelcome?

No, being a member of BeVolunteer is not required to volunteer for BeWelcome. Just get active!

If you have been an active BeWelcome member and volunteer for at least 3 months, you are invited to apply for a BeVolunteer membership. Being a BeVolunteer member allows you to take part in the General Assembly (GA) and to vote for the Board of Directors (BoD). For more information about BeVolunteer and becoming a BeVolunteer member, please visit the BeVolunteer website.